Voice & Telephony | Communications Solutions

To better communicate with employees and customers, businesses need reliable voice and telephony solutions. Traditional phone systems don’t always offer the features businesses require, such as voicemail storage, world-wide calling and video conferencing. Today’s systems are able to integrate in the IT infrastructure to offer more advanced and secure communications solutions.

Due to the complex nature of implementing these voice and telephony solutions, many businesses outsource the implementation. This ensures everything is set up correctly and businesses only experience minimal downtime as they transition to a new system.

Cloud Hosted VoIP

For businesses that want an easy to implement solution with a low upfront cost, cloud hosted VoIP solutions offer the security and reliability of VoIP with the benefits of cloud hosting. This also makes it easy to connect multiple locations under a single managed host.

Businesses of all sizes use cloud hosted VoIP solutions, especially those with multiple locations and remote employees.

On-Premises VoIP

For more customization and control, on-premises VoIP is also an option. This provides businesses with full control over the platform and security. It does cost more upfront but can be more cost effective for businesses with a single location. It’s also possible to separate traffic from voice and other network activities.

Assessing Systems

In addition to the services above, our voice and telephony abilities also include system assessments. These are an unbiased view of current systems and allow us to recommend the best solution for your needs.


We also offer migrations when changing systems. Switching can be a hassle, but with expert migrations, contacts and system preferences transfer from one system to another.

If you’re considering a new VoIP solution or need assistance with migrating, contact ISOutsource today to see how we can help.