VMWare | Virtualization Resources

VMWare provides a variety of solutions for virtualization and cloud computing. Their tools are used to create multiple virtual servers versus individual physical ones. Businesses use these tools to help reduce overall IT expenses while improving scalability and efficiency. ISOutsource's VMWare consultants provide the expertise to ensure a successful implementation.

VMWare vSphere for Server Virtualization

VMWare vSphere allows businesses to create and manage virtual servers. It includes VMWare’s ESXi hypervisor and Operations Management to improve efficiency among complex server scenarios. According to VMWare, most servers only operate at 15% capacity or less. This leads to costly waste and a sprawling server infrastructure.

Using vSphere, businesses can create virtual servers to reduce the overall need for numerous servers. Additionally, businesses can consolidate all their physical servers into one to take advantage of all hardware resources at once. Virtual servers are then created on the one consolidated server. This makes it easier to manage the entire infrastructure.

VMWare NSX for Network Virtualization

VMWare NSX is used to deploy virtual networks. By creating software-based networks in the hypervisor layer, it’s easy to create a new network along with all necessary resources in minutes. Networks are virtualized apart from the actual physical hardware.

As a result, businesses see benefits, such as:

  • Preventing the lateral spread of security threats
  • Improved compliance management
  • Fewer operational bottlenecks
  • Improved network resiliency
  • Improved application continuity

VMWare Horizon for Desktop Virtualization

Create virtual desktop environments that provide employees access to their own remote workstations from any physical workstation through VMWare Horizon. This tool makes it possible to:
  • Provide a unified experience among all devices
  • Optimize security through a single platform
  • Simplify compliance
  • Secure data based upon user
  • Simplified application deployment
Is your business considering virtualization to reduce IT costs and improve efficiency? Contact us to find out more about VMWare and how their tools can transform your business.