HyperConvergence | HyperConvergence Evolution

HyperConvergence is an evolution of converged infrastructure. However, with a converged infrastructure, all resources are bundled together, but can be separated. HyperConvergence still bundles all storage, networking, software and server components, but they can’t be separated.

The hypervisor also plays a bigger role. All major data center functions run on the hypervisor as software. This makes HyperConvergence even more efficient at reducing data center complexity while boosting scalability.

A Single Solution

Thanks to HyperConvergence, a new form of infrastructure is possible. Complex storage arrays, multiple servers and complicated networks are replaceable with a single solution. The new hyperconverged infrastructure is easier to manage and easier to scale.

This single solution is typically made up of two main components:

  • Management – Management of all resources in the hyperconverged infrastructure occur in one single area
  • Distributed Data – Runs across all nodes that deliver virtualization, storage and networking


The beauty of HyperConvergence is most solutions are completely software-defined and aren’t dependent on proprietary software. Every node in a cluster is designed to run a hypervisor and the infrastructure controls are run as separate virtual machines. All it takes to scale a business’s resources is to add a new node.

The most commonly used hypervisors include:

  • Microsoft Hyper-V

  • VMWare VSphere / ESXi

  • Xen / Citrix XenServer
When choosing HyperConvergence as your infrastructure solution, your business benefits through:
  • Choice of hardware platform (easier to customize to your business needs)
  • Clusters have unlimited nodes, with each node being fully configurable

  • Faster deployment of new infrastructure elements
  • Full end-to-end systems management
For businesses seeking a more efficient solution and simple resource management, while utilizing virtualization, HyperConvergence could be the answer. Find out more about this type of infrastructure along with compatible platforms by contacting us today.