SharePoint Purpose

SharePoint is Microsoft’s team collaboration and intranet tool. It’s designed to help employees and clients collaborate, communicate, share files and more. Businesses are also able to create their own intranet sites to share documents and information across the entire business. The platform works alongside Microsoft Office 365, allowing sharing and saving of documents directly to SharePoint servers. It’s available for on-premises installations, cloud only and hybrid models.

Engaging Intranet

Memos get lost and no one saves their chat sessions. Having a single portal for your entire organization ensures employees always know where to go to get the information they need. Whether it’s a site for the latest news or individual sites to bring team members together, SharePoint gives businesses the tools they need to create beautiful, engaging intranet sites.

Created sites are also available on mobile devices. This allows businesses to further connect everyone in the organization, whether they work on-premises or off. This also leads to the collaboration element of SharePoint.

Team Sites

Create special team sites that are only accessible by specific employees as a secure online place for collaboration. Instead of teams having to search for files across multiple services or folders, everything the team needs is in a single location. Teams can see pages, libraries, lists, files and more in one place. This helps to boost productivity. Plus, team members or leaders can post updates and everyone can track changes to files. This leads to better collaboration and communication.

Security Features

SharePoint puts security first. After all, employees are sharing sensitive data across the platform. Set permissions for access for sites, folders, files and more.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of SharePoint, contact us today to find out how the tools work and whether it’s the right solution for your collaboration needs.