Wireless | Reliance on Wireless

Most businesses can’t function without reliable wireless access. Sitting at wired desktop computers all day isn’t how things work anymore. Billions of wireless devices are already connected and that number is only growing exponentially as businesses and consumers become more reliant on being able to use their devices anywhere and everywhere.

Right now, your business likely has mobile devices, laptops, IoT devices and more all connected to a Wi-Fi network. However, what happens if your connection suddenly slows or cuts out completely? What if a single unsecured device is infected with ransomware that spreads throughout all connected devices?

Businesses must focus on creating more reliable and secure wireless networks to stay connected and keep data safe.

Managing Wireless Networking

The first step is to analyze the network itself to identify performance problems. For instance, slow performing networks could indicate a need for more access points, increased bandwidth or signify a security breach.

The next step is to focus on security. Wireless networks are far more vulnerable as hackers are able to intercept data as it’s transmitted from device to device. This is why so many cloud service providers use two-way encryption to reduce the chance of data being stolen or a device being infected.

When managing wireless networks, business have numerous options, such as:

  • Infrastructure management tools
  • Outsourcing management
  • Creating custom business apps to secure company data when on mobile devices
  • Working with a cloud service provider
  • Using network management tools to provide permission-based access
  • Encrypting wireless transmissions (may be slower, but reduces security risks)
Whether you’re looking for a better wireless solution or you want to optimize your wireless network, start by contacting ISOutsource today. We’ll work to understand your business goals and help you create the best wireless solution for your needs.