Free Internet Connectivity Assessments | Staying Connected

It’s impossible for businesses to exist today without some form of Internet access. From email to cloud-based apps, businesses need reliable connections to interact with consumers and other businesses. However, it’s all too common for businesses to experience frequent Internet connectivity problems.

The more problems, the more downtime a business experiences. This can lead to loss of productivity and even profit, especially if consumers are directly impacted. Staying connected is vital and the quality of that connection also matters.

Internet Connectivity Assessments

Every Internet service provider promises the world, but do you really get what’s being promised? Also, is your hardware configured to evenly distribute connections throughout your business for optimal performance?

We offer free Internet connectivity assessments to answer all these questions and more. We test for speed and reliability to see how they compare to what you’re actually paying for. We’ll also test at different times to get a clearer picture of Internet performance throughout the day. After all, speeds and performance can vary drastically, especially during peak usage times.

Optimizing Connectivity

After our assessment, we can tell you the following:
  • Whether you’re getting what you’re paying for or not
  • Any time frames where performance lags
  • Whether your business needs more bandwidth (or less)
  • If connectivity issues are due to your ISP or on-site configuration errors
We’ll work with you to help optimize your connection and ensure your business stays connected in a fast-paced digital world. If you’re experiencing Internet connectivity issues, contact us today to learn more about our free Internet connectivity assessments.