Networking Challenges

Setting up a network for a business isn’t as simple as having a few computers and a central server. Now, businesses are faced with numerous challenges in connecting desktops, laptops, mobile devices, cloud services and more into their network. Of course, security also becomes a challenge as more cybercriminals than ever are targeting businesses.
Other common issues businesses face include:
  • Bandwidth – too slow, not enough, paying for more than needed
  • Managing wireless security
  • Centralizing resources
  • Preventing downtime
  • Regular maintenance – patches, vulnerability scans, equipment and service upgrades
Every business needs a fully functional network to reach their full potential. Anything less could result in the loss of revenue and brand reputation.

Maintaining Networks

To stay competitive, businesses must work to maintain their networks. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance, increased efficiency, decreased costs and fewer security threats and problems.

The areas businesses must focus on most include:

  • Auditing the network for performance problems
  • Uncovering the causes of performance problems and fixing them
  • Ensuring the security of the network, all devices on the network and app/software security permissions
  • Scanning for security threats
  • Applying patches as they’re released
  • Analyzing hardware to determine if upgrades are necessary
In most cases, you’ll use network and infrastructure management tools to aid in this maintenance. Business also have the option to outsource maintenance, which works well for businesses that don’t have large IT teams.
In addition to managing the existing network, businesses should also consider:
  • Incorporating other forms of networking, such as using cloud services
  • Performance enhancing measures, such as increasing bandwidth
  • Customizing networking solutions, such as hosting in a data center versus on-premises to make it easier to scale
Does your network experience performance problems or are you looking for a more cost-effective solution? Contact us today to discuss the best solutions for your business along with cost-effective ways to manage your networking.