VMWare AirWatch | VMWare AirWatch Unifies

VMWare AirWatch is more than just a mobile device management platform. It’s considered one of the top enterprise mobility management platforms. The tools within VMWare AirWatch are used to completely unify endpoint management and create a digital workspace where all a business’s digital devices are managed in a single place.

Workspace ONE

Workspace ONE is the powerhouse component used to create a unified digital workspace. It’s designed to be a single platform to:
  • Manage and support every endpoint device
  • Secure devices in BYOD scenarios
  • Customize security at every level
  • Create and manage apps and policies without IT

Mobile Device Management for Everyone

Managing mobile devices is a complex process typically reserved for a business’s IT staff. Even businesses without a dedicated IT department can use VMWare AirWatch to take control over adding and managing mobile devices.

It’s easy for any user (with the correct permissions, of course) to:

  • Configure device restrictions
  • Set up notifications
  • Assign ownership
  • Set permissions
  • Deploy apps
  • Configure new devices
  • Enable self-activation
  • Choose which enterprise resources to allow access to
The entire mobile device lifecycle is managed from a single platform.

Security in the Forefront

VMWare AirWatch allows businesses to manage one of the biggest risk factors – security. The platform comes with a variety of security features, including:
  • Create conditional access policies based on device type, location, data type and more
  • Immediately revoke access to business apps and networks
  • Deliver apps only to specific devices
  • Enable different forms of sign-ons

Embrace Productivity

Mobile devices are only useful if they help employees be more productive. VMWare AirWatch establishes a simple process for deploying more productive apps. The platform also includes its own apps, including:
  • Boxer – email client
  • Browser
  • Content Locker – secure access to files
  • Set permissions
  • Socialcast – enterprise social networking
  • People Search
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