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Going Mobile

Most businesses now must contend with data being taken home by employees or used outside the office. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are used by sales personnel, telecommuters and other staff. With mobility comes convenience, but also data security risks. Managing everything manually is nearly impossible and requires dedicated IT staff to manage each individual device.

Mobile Device Management Basics

Mobile device management steps in to pick up the slack. It’s a powerful tool used to give IT more control over mobile devices used in your business. MDM works to protect a business’s network to prevent breaches while users access data and applications remotely from mobile devices.

MDM tools also optimize the security and functionality of mobile devices. This allows mobile users to be more productive while keeping their devices secure as well.

IT administrators configure custom policies through the management console of their chosen MDM software. Policies are sent out over the air to a corresponding MDM agent installed on the mobile device.

Mobile Device Management Uses

It’s common for businesses to simply trust their employees or expect IT to handle things manually. However, with the rise of Internet of Things devices, BYOD (bring your own device) policies and malicious malware and ransomware, businesses need a reliable mobile device management platform.

A few common uses include:

  • Remotely wiping stolen or lost devices
  • Encrypting all transmitted data
  • Forcing more secure passwords on devices
  • Allowing or blocking specific apps
  • Distributing an update or new app for business tools
It’s important to note that MDM tools cover all mobile devices, all mobile systems and all mobile providers. Consider it an end-to-end security and management tool for all mobile devices in use over your business network.

If mobile devices are used as part of your business, contact ISOutsource today to discuss the available options for better managing device usage on the network.