Messaging & Email | Staying Connected

Messaging and email tools are vital for keeping employees and customers connected. Whether it’s collaborating on team projects or sending important follow-up emails to clients, businesses rely upon these tools to be more productive and competitive.

With so many solutions to choose from, it’s difficult to determine which might be best for your business needs. Each tool has its own pros and cons and, in some instances, businesses may require several messaging and email tools to stay connected.

Common Solutions

While these are far from the only solutions, the ones businesses work with most often include:
  • Microsoft Exchange – Ideal for on-premise email setups
  • Office 365 – Integrates multiple Microsoft solutions into one suite
  • Exchange Online – Ideal for cloud-hosted email setups
  • Skype for Business – Allows businesses to call, chat and video conference
  • Microsoft Teams – Brings business teams together to chat, work on projects and access files
  • Various plans based upon usage
  • Kerio – An all-in-one solution for email and collaboration
  • Slack – Ideal for collaborating on and managing projects
Choosing one of these often depends on what a business currently uses, any integration requirements and which features are most beneficial.

Communicating Effectively

Many companies push certain solutions without any regard to what’s best for a business. At ISOutsource, we work to first understand your goals and then discuss various options with you to determine which ones best meet those needs. We offer unbiased advice along with full support for any solutions you choose.

Contact us today to learn more about your messaging and email options to help your business communicate and collaborate more effectively.