Security | Security Basics

Security is one of the single most important parts of a comprehensive IT strategy. Many businesses spend hundreds of thousands on IT infrastructure only to leave vulnerabilities in their systems that lead to major data breaches. Security isn’t something to take lightly. Both on-premises and cloud deployments are at risk if they’re not properly secured.
Some of the top issues businesses face on a regular basis include:
  • DDoS attacks – A growing problem that can cripple businesses of all sizes
  • Ransomware – Increasing threat that could erase all business data at a hacker’s whim
  • Vulnerable IoT devices – Many don’t have built-in security, making them easy targets
  • Social engineering or phishing – Convincing employees to hand over sensitive data
  • Mobile malware – Mobile devices aren’t any safer than desktops
When it comes to security, businesses must think about their network, devices and data storage. They must also have plans in place to constantly monitor and increase security throughout their IT infrastructure.

Securing a Business

Budgets are often touted as the reason for less security. However, all major computing platforms, server systems, enterprise cloud services and virtualization tools have built-in security features. In fact, businesses should look closely at things like:
  • Encryption
  • Firewalls
  • User level security permissions/tools
  • Data backup
  • Security updates
Businesses aren’t just limited to their IT infrastructure tools. Using specialty security tools and services helps to boost security in the event any other element is compromised. For instance, if an OS exploit is discovered, having a separate firewall and antivirus suite on the network helps block attempts until a security patch is released for the OS.
Three other ways businesses can take IT security into their own hands is through:
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Disaster recovery planning and testing
Every business is at risk and limited security can ruin a business. Contact us today to learn more about your business’s vulnerabilities and how our team can help protect your business.