Microsoft Systems Center Suite | Simplify Infrastructure Management

Microsoft Systems Center Suite is a full set of tools for deploying, monitoring, managing and configuring your IT infrastructure. The tools provide end-to-end infrastructure management, including physical and virtual environments along with mobile environments.
Microsoft Systems Center Suite comes as individual components that may be used separately or bundled together. The main components include:
  • Data Protection Manager – Backup and recovery for disk-based data within the Active Directory domain
  • Configuration Manager – Automates common tasks related to software deployment and maintenance and manages deployments and updates throughout the infrastructure
  • Operations Manager – Monitors the health of server and client applications throughout a business’s data center and/or cloud infrastructures
  • Endpoint Protection – Central location designed to create and manage client-policies and security
  • Virtual Machine Manager – Monitors and manages VMware and Microsoft virtual hosts and guests

  • Service Manager – Aids in automating and implementing IT service management best practices
  • Orchestrator – Provides workflow management when creating, deploying and monitoring IT resources and works with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft products

Increase Efficiency

It’s easy to spend countless hours on data center tasks, software deployment and troubleshooting. Microsoft Systems Center Suite increases efficiency by helping to automate and simplify all these tasks.

Most data center tasks are easy to automate, saving time and reducing the risk of human-error. Infrastructure and workload monitoring tools allow businesses to quickly see where issues lie before they result in major performance problems or downtime.

Infrastructure provisioning gives businesses a simpler way to deploy, manage and configure their software-defined data center infrastructure.

Are you interested in finding a better way to manage your IT infrastructure? Contact us to learn more about Microsoft Systems Center Suite and other infrastructure management tools to see which will help you achieve your business goals.