Microsoft Intune for Mobile

Every business needs a strict mobile management policy. Microsoft Intune seeks to help businesses develop and enforce better mobile management policies. With more employees than ever using mobile devices, including their own, businesses must focus on securing each device on their network.

Security doesn’t have to limit a user’s experience or productivity. Security features are implemented seamlessly in the background and ensures users have access to everything they need, without compromising the security of the device or the business.

Some of the most notable security features include:
  • Implement multi-factor authentication
  • Secure access based upon multiple conditions
  • Base security on device compliance
  • Deploy security certificates, email profiles and more
  • Incorporate single sign-on
  • Allow app access based on specific permissions
  • Encrypt data
  • Secure data per app
  • Remotely revoke access and wipe corporate data from devices
  • Manage access and permissions for Microsoft Office mobile apps
Devices don’t have to be enrolled on the Microsoft Intune platform for corporate data to be secured. Create app-specific policies to secure all data within the app.

Deploy Easily

Managing all the devices on a network is time-consuming. Microsoft Intune includes the tools businesses need to deploy updates and new apps to every device at once. Deployment is based upon security policies and permissions.

This frees up valuable time for businesses and IT staff. Plus, it allows new security policies to go into effect immediately, which optimizes security across all apps and the network.

Microsoft Intune is ideal for managing mobile devices throughout a business. Contact us today to learn more about how this platform can benefit your business and help simplify complex mobile management strategies.