Skype for Business | Collaborating With Skype

Skype is already well-known for helping individuals stay connected, but with Skype for Business, additional features allow for more effective collaboration and discussion. Skype is a part of Office 365, which means it also integrates well with other Office apps. This makes it easy to share documents and schedule meetings at any time.

Collaborating or setting up a meeting is as simple as sharing a link with the desired participants. Plus, Skype works on most any device, making it simple for people to join in on meetings from anywhere.

More Effective Meetings


It’s not always possible for people to meet in a single location. For businesses with multiple locations, this is impossible. Skype brings video conferencing to all participants. Plus, meetings can be recorded for participants to review later. With Skype for Businesses, you can have up to 250 people in the same meeting, which is ideal for company training sessions or announcements.
Participants can:


Use PowerPoint during meetings
Share their screens
Record meetings for later
Utilize instant messaging
Incorporate polls and Q&A sessions
Drive points home with the whiteboard feature
Various plans based upon usage
Change presenters at any time

All these features help make meetings more interactive and engaging. Plus, people can join in from any device as long as they have a reliable Internet connection.

Trusted Security

When using Skype for Business, you want connections to be secure. This is why video and audio streams are encrypted. Plus, businesses can manage the security of meetings by muting specific parties at any time. Access can also be limited based on device to prevent unauthorized access.
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