ISOutsource - An AWS Partner Network Member

ISOutsource – An AWS Partner Network Member

As a member of the Amazon Partner Network, we help customers of all sizes design, architect, migrate, or build new applications on AWS. This network gives us access to a range of resources and training enabling our team to better help customers deploy, run and manage applications in the AWS cloud.

Our experience with Amazon is broad but has focused on utilizing their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) breed of products to expand or even replace customers’ existing on-premise infrastructure.  Big or small, the AWS suite of products can help save time and money when scaling systems up or out.

We have successfully completed dozens of projects with AWS.  ISOutsource was one of the first partners to leverage the AWS infrastructure to deploy a fully redundant Microsoft Exchange setup across the country serving hundreds of mailboxes. We have also assisted several startups (while in stealth mode) get their infrastructures built out on AWS for rapid scaling and launch.

Small businesses can also benefit from the scale of the AWS operations by leveraging cheap storage for offsite backups or by gaining access to highly available instances for inexpensive failover when compared to the cost of adding high availability on premise.

Talk to our team about how the Amazon Web Services suite of tools can be leveraged within your organization today!