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New iPad Announced – Should You Care?

Well, maybe. The new iPad will cost the same as the old but will have a screen (double the old) resolution and updated technology to keep it fast. There's more, but their are also a thousand blogs to look that up on. The question I wanted to answer is 'is this a game changer for business users'. Likely no. 4g is the biggest feature change for a power business user, with hot spot capabilities. Considering how many people spend most online time in wifi mode, even that is of limited value in terms of upgrades in my opinion.

So, its cool. For personal uses like casual gaming and video, it is an amazing upgrade. For work, I'd not move my iPad 1 and 2 users over by any means.

But there was more to the press conference that really has some meaning. Apple stated that 76% of their sales were from 'post PC' products. They also stated that iPad sales in Q4 (units) were higher than the sales of the largest PC manufacturer in units for their PC's.

From an IT standpoint, that is a transformational statement. From a business standpoint, that means that these devices are proliferating at an astounding rate. People want them and are buying them, and they are integrated personal/business devices in many cases.

There is an opportunity for business to embrace this and reap the productivity rewards these devices offer. Make it known that you are tablet friendly and have IT help users configure these devices to fully enable business productivity use. Between the Apple tablets and the Amazon offering and all the 'also ran's' the odds are many of your employees are using these devices daily.

Heck, you may reap the benefits without even having the make the investment! As I've posted before, I think the investment justified. It has paid off for me and my team (we all use iPads). Tapping into these productivity resources and being ready to embrace them and integrate them into IT plans is not only smart, its necessary.

Happy post PC Computing!

-Richard Brunke