IT Staff Assessments | Meeting the Staff

Hiring IT staff isn’t easy. Terminology seems to change daily and unless the interviewer is an IT expert, it’s hard to know who might be best for the job. Another issue comes when IT employees don’t exactly see eye to eye on which solutions to use and how to best manage the current infrastructure.

This is when an outside third party is helpful. Instead of just trying to hire new people or hoping performance improves, IT staff assessments allow businesses to hire a third party to come in and meet with their staff. The purpose is to ensure a business’s staff is meeting the needs of the business.

Understanding Business Goals

The first step is for us is to meet with a business to understand their business goals and current infrastructure needs. This gives us a starting point for assessing how well IT staff are helping meet those needs.

We also meet with IT staff to better understand their challenges to see how well the business is meeting their staff’s needs. For instance, if a business is trying to get 80 hours worth of IT services out of a single 40-hour employee, the problem is likely the budget and not the staff.

Assessing Performance

We don’t just come in and jump to conclusions. We assess a wide range of areas when it comes to IT staff, such as:
  • General performance
  • Knowledge of systems
  • Any suggestions for system improvements
  • Ability to troubleshoot
  • Working as a team
  • Juggling daily maintenance with random problems
When we’re done, we’re able to suggest ways for your IT staff and systems to improve. If your staff isn’t performing as well as you believe they should, contact us to see how our IT staff assessments can help.