Software Development & Design | Software Development & Design Bug Fixes

Software development and design companies already have their plates full with developing new software, working with clients and providing updates to existing projects. This industry helps technology advance and businesses to do more. However, they face IT challenges just like any other industry.

Much like the software they develop, bug fixes are needed from time to time. Small teams often don’t have the budget for IT staff and larger businesses are often under-staffed to handle anything more than basic security and backups.

Common Challenges

The software development and design industry faces a variety of challenges, such as:
  • Collaborating on projects
  • Testing in a secure environment
  • Communicating with beta testers
  • Hosting applications
  • Offering law services online

  • Securing data
Collaboration is key, especially when staying in contact with clients throughout a project. Software development is a team effort and may involve other businesses, such as graphic designers, content writers and more. You’ll also need a way to effectively communicate with beta testers. Choosing the most effective collaboration platform boosts productivity and helps ensure everyone stays on the same page. We understand your struggle and will advise you on your options and help you implement them.

When working with new code, there are bound to be security vulnerabilities. Until those are patched, these businesses need to test their projects in a secure environment. From setting up a secure virtual system to ensuring the network is secure overall, we help you create more secure ways to test. Of course, no one wants their project stolen before it’s released, meaning focusing on securing all systems and ensuring all team members only have the access they need.

Finally, many development and design companies host and maintain SaaS applications. Picking the right provider is crucial to success. We’ll guide you through finding the right cloud platform to deliver your applications to your consumers.

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