Manufacturing | Manufacturing Unique Challenge

One of the most important industries is manufacturing. Most other industries rely upon manufacturing companies to supply them. For this reason, manufacturing faces a unique challenge – downtime.

While other industries suffer from downtime, when a manufacturing company goes down, so do all the businesses it supplies. This is why this industry must focus on maintaining systems, so they stay online with minimal downtime.

Overcoming Downtime

While downtime isn’t 100% preventable, it can be drastically minimized. A few ways to do this include:
  • Creating and testing a disaster recovery plan
  • Maintaining regular off-site backups
  • Using cloud services to prevent downtime from on-site servers
  • Optimizing IT infrastructure
  • Improving security (breaches and viruses can lead to downtime)
On-site IT staff are often pulled in a dozen directions at once as they troubleshoot computer systems on machines, manage computers and mobile devices and handle basic day-to-day tasks. This is why manufacturing companies often choose to outsource many IT services and we’re proud to help support this industry.

Choosing the Right Systems

The manufacturing industry requires efficient systems to help them consistently improve productivity. From email to inventory management, the right system makes all the difference. We can help by providing unbiased guidance on everything from operating systems to infrastructure management tools.

Improving Security

While the manufacturing industry isn’t usually thought of as an industry with sensitive information, it is. Each business has their own processes that competitors would love to know. Plus, clients don’t want their data being stolen.

It’s vital for manufacturing companies to encrypt data and store it securely. Plus, security flaws lead to breaches which lead to downtime. Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing help to uncover security flaws before they become a problem.

If you need an IT partner to help increase efficiency, productivity and security in your manufacturing business, contact our knowledgeable team today.