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External Vulnerability Scans

It’s not something any business wants to think about, but every single business has vulnerabilities. Whether it’s a security flaw in the server OS that hasn’t been patched yet or just weak security policies for passwords, vulnerabilities exist. It’s only a matter of time before determined hackers find and exploit them.

While it’s not possible for a system to ever be 100% secure, especially with phishing emails and messages, it is possible to optimize security to drastically reduce the chance of a breach.

Remember that every vulnerability equals the risk of downtime, compromised data or even loss of data.

You wouldn’t leave the front doors to your business unlocked after hours, would you? Of course not. When businesses don’t perform regular external vulnerability scans, it’s the same as leaving the business’s virtual doors unlocked 24/7.
External vulnerability scans check for weaknesses on the outside of your network, such as firewalls. Unlike scanning for internal threats, this approach allows us to check your network from a hacker’s perspective. We scan for vulnerabilities that hackers would try to use to break into your network.

If flaws are discovered, we determine how much information a hacker could access if the vulnerability was exploited. This allows businesses to see how severe the problem may be and prioritize resolving any issues.

We offer this service free to help protect businesses and their consumers. It’s important to use external vulnerability scans on a regular basis as part of an overall security strategy. After all, hackers are always uncovering new ways to penetrate networks. Contact us today to learn more about how we perform the scans and how they benefit your business.

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