ISO 27001 | Securing Information Management Systems

ISO 27001 is one of the most well-known of the ISO 27000 standards and includes compliance requirements for information security management systems. The purpose is to create a process for storing and managing sensitive data to keep it secure. This applies to everything from IT systems to business employees and consumers.

Though it’s not required, businesses can be ISO 27001 certified to give peace of mind to employees and customers. In order to be certified, you must go through an audit to ensure full compliance.


Information security management systems aren’t physical systems. Instead, they’re processes and activities that help businesses to manage risks. By creating risk management plans, businesses are able to identify and help prevent information security risks.

It’s important to note that ISO 27001 doesn’t require businesses to use any specific security controls. Instead, businesses are free to choose the ones that are most applicable to their business needs.

This is where businesses often need assistance. Choosing the right security controls are vital to protecting business data, employees, customers and the reputation of the business. After all, imagine the hit your business would take if systems were breached due to a vulnerability that should have been patched months before.


ISO 27001 compliance requires careful planning. From analyzing the business for potential information security risks to creating and testing plans to prevent and manage risks, it’s a time consuming process. It’s even more difficult to look at the end results with an unbiased view.

At ISOutsource, we specialize in compliance and auditing for ISO 27001. We’ll help your business to identify risks, create risk management plans and audit your systems and processes for compliance. Contact us today to find out more.