Everything You Need To Know About Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability Scans

We can all agree more secure systems are a good thing, but what’s the best way to get there?

We offer vulnerability scans as a way for businesses to be more proactive with security. However, we’ve discovered many businesses aren’t familiar with the term or the reasons these scans are a necessity.

Purpose Of Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability scans are exactly what they sound like. They scan computers and networks to test for potential weak points hackers could exploit.

They don’t just bring up a list of security issues. They’re designed to classify the severity of each vulnerability and even list how effective security measures are in protecting against them.

A common way we like to think of them is to imagine how it would be to scan a car for potential problems at any given time. Suddenly, we’d know the brakes are worn, the battery could quick at any time, the tires are fine and new spark plugs could boost performance. Without the scan, we’d just be left on the side of the road when our car breaks down.

While tune-ups help with cars, vulnerability scans help identify potential security issues that could leave computers and networks exposed to hackers.

Benefits Of Proactive Security

We sometimes hear from businesses that they don’t need vulnerability scans because they already have proactive security measures in place, such as firewalls and anti-virus. Those are great and we highly recommend both. However, what if either or both aren’t set up correctly? What if that new app a business implemented left a backdoor open to the network that a firewall wouldn’t prevent?

These are the kinds of things vulnerability testing helps discover. It’s an extra layer of security that helps businesses uncover and fix potential security issues before they’re able to hinder your business.

Vulnerability Scans Vs. Penetration Testing

We often hear the terms “vulnerability scans” and “penetration testing” used interchangeably. They’re not the same and we recommend businesses have both done regularly. Vulnerability scans uncover potential security problems. Penetration testing takes these scans a step further to see how much damage hackers could do if they exploited the vulnerability. This is why both types of scans are important for businesses.

We believe businesses shouldn’t just wait for the worst to happen. Take a proactive approach by learning more about our vulnerability scans today.