Do This To Add Value And Expertise To Your Organization

Adding value and expertise to an organization doesn’t have to mean spending months sourcing the right IT talent. Instead, investing in onshore help desk services could be the solution.

Businesses benefit from the expertise of experienced IT professionals without the high costs associated with salaried employees. Plus, the right support keeps a business running more smoothly, helping it to grow faster.

Onshore Outsourcing Vs. Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing was a popular option for help desk services. Other countries offered 24/7 support at low rates. However, these services weren’t always customer friendly. Time and language differences are often issues as are misunderstandings in how systems and IT compliance works in a business’s home country. With increases in demand, costs have also risen, making it less cost-effective.

This is just part of the reason why onshore outsourcing is becoming increasingly more common. Out of nearly 4,000 IT leaders, 28% said they planned to increase onshore spending, while only 17% planned to focus on offshore.

Finding More Skilled Experts

By using onshore remote help desk services, businesses are able to take advantage of more highly skilled experts from their home country or region. There are no concerns as to whether educational standards are the same or if experts have been vetted to the same standards a business would use themselves. By working with onshore outsourcing partners, help desk experts are properly skilled and vetted to offer businesses the best possible combination of skill and value.

Keeping Track Of All IT Solutions

We know from firsthand experience that no business uses just one IT solution or type of technology. Most businesses are a mix of various operating systems, software solutions, cloud-based solutions, hardware and more. While this may be an effective way to run a business, it’s chaos when it comes to supporting the technology.

It’s impossible for most IT teams, especially small business IT teams, to understand everything a business uses. Being able to call upon experts to get quick support allows on-site IT to handle issues more efficiently and learn as they go. This creates even more skilled IT teams.

Giving Employees Support

No business likes to have a high turnover rate. While we know that’s unavoidable in some industries, such as retail, we also know businesses spend thousands and even millions on finding and hiring the right employees. Having them quit due to poor IT support is the last thing an organization wants.

In one survey, 62% of employees felt their IT department couldn’t deliver the support they needed. This often means Googling for troubleshooting advice or being so frustrated that they quit. Sadly, 76% of employees say they’d rather use Google than turn to their IT department.

All of this could mean that a business’s IT department is understaffed, overworked or underskilled. Whatever the reason, using onshore remote help desk services provide employees with fast answers to keep them happy and productive.

Using Support Only When Needed

Imagine having an employee that was only paid when they actually worked. An organization doesn’t have to pay them during breaks or while they’re chatting it up with co-workers versus tackling an IT problem. With help desk services, businesses either pay per incident or a flat rate per week/month.

Businesses get the value that comes with having optimal IT support, but at a cost that’s much friendlier to the average IT budget. Plus, there isn’t any need to have shifts as many remote help desk services are available 24/7. With onshore services, time zones aren’t an issue if businesses only need support during regular hours.

Increasing Software Adoption Rates

Implementing new software and hardware solutions have the potential to drastically improve business processes and growth. However, even we have issues with employees wanting to adopt new software from time to time. This is an even bigger issue for organizations whose focus isn’t IT.

Unless businesses can increase software adoption rates, they lose money, decrease productivity and stay stuck behind the competition. In fact, failed adoption rates can be as high as 70% in some cases.

Using onshore remote help desk services allows employees to quickly get support and gives IT teams assistance when it comes to better understanding new solutions. This combination gives organizations faster adoption rates, increase productivity and more value for their money.

Staying Ahead Of The Competition

It’s easy to get dragged down with outdated technology and a small IT team that may not be able to support a growing business. This isn’t how to stay ahead of the competition or even stay competitive at all. We know it can be challenging to try something new, but it’s not when a business has the right support.

Thanks to more competitive costs, fewer barriers (as opposed to offshore outsourcing) and highly skilled experts, organizations can remain competitive by outsourcing help desk services. As technology changes, these experts continue learning and stay on top of any changes to better aid businesses.

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Image: Mimi Thian