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So, Windows 8 is out, and Microsoft is making their big push to make us all aware of it and hoping we all love it. I've been using it a bit, and certainly reading all of the various reviews, and I have to both agree, and disagree with what I am reading.

First of all, one has only to do a little web searching to see that every release of a new version of Windows is followed at first by derision and moans of 'this is the worst ever, and the current is the best ever' which slowly change to 'this is the best ever... so much better than the last one'. I suppose its about change... and in general, we don't like change. Nonetheless, this particular change is for the better in my opinion. I found Windows 8 very intuitive, actually, and did not go through any 'steep learning curve' (which many reviewers seem to allude to). It took me about 10 minutes to figure out where everything was, and I was good to go.

I love the live tiles, they make so much better use of my home screen than the current Windows setup. They help me feel up to date and make it easy to keep relevant live content in front of me.

I think Microsoft nailed it. Windows 8 definitely shines in a touch screen environment, but even in a typical desktop environment, it brings plenty of goodness to the table. I still think that waiting a bit to upgrade (for businesses) may be sensible - perhaps awaiting a service pack release, but I have to admit I am eager to have it installed on my work PC, and may not wait.

Call me 'pleasantly surprised'!

Keep on practicing Happy Computing!

Richard Brunke

Staff Writer

Written by Staff Writer