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Everybody promises great customer service. Some seem to hit the mark, some don't but the promise is always there, because inherently it is a desirable thing, a thing we clearly want.

What is it though? To me, excellence in service is not a promise, it is a commitment.

What is the difference?

Well, a promise is a binding event, a commitment is a way of doing things, a way of being. No one can promise perfection. We all make mistakes. I work to hire the best in the industry and to enable them to do great things, yet they are humans, and technology does not always behave the way one thinks it should - mistakes get made and/or time frames get missed.

So, is that poor service?

No. No its not. That is an opportunity to show commitment to excellent service!

That commitment to great service requires not only our commitment to ensure we have happy, productive and supported customers, but also requires that those customers are committed to communicating their needs and wants if they are feeling less than fully supported. If we never make a mistake, we can certainly achieve great service. Excellent service, however, is what happens when a less than desirable outcome is turned around into an excellent outcome. How we react to a challenge is how we should be defined as service providers. People make mistakes, and things sometimes don't go perfectly, but in a partnership, we communicate these things, and then fix them.

We uphold our commitment. We make it right.

All we ask our customers to do is recognize just how much we value that opportunity to make them happy. We embrace honest feedback and ask for open communications so that we can truly keep our brand promise of making our customers feel happy, productive and supported.

Anyone can make a promise, but what happens when you break a promise? You just make the next promise.

A commitment involves more. You make them and spend the entirety of the relationship upholding that commitment, enhancing it and showing that you value it. It is the glue that holds our customers to us and us to them. It is about trying to always do it your best, and then following up to ensure you did, and if not, then making that right. Every time. For the entirety of the relationship, for excellence in service inherently requires a two way relationship.

That is what excellent service means to me - and to my team.

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