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With Thanksgiving just a day away, I was pondering the many things I am thankful for, much like everyone does this time of year. Strangely, IT support never makes the top of my list. I knowÂ… I knowÂ… it seems impossible that the COO of and IT services business would say that. But, in reality, as an IT service provider, our job is to be behind the scenes, and to not draw attention, to be honest. I often liken our service to an electrical outlet on the wall. We don't think to say 'thank you power company' every time we successfully plug an item in and find out we get power. It is supposed to work, and when it does we don't think twice.

But, when it does not workÂ… then we notice, and not in a good way.

So, I understand our role in the lives of our customers. IT is obviously a critical enabler of business, but it needs to just work. IT providers need to provide their service in a way that shows an understanding of the realities of your business. We are here to serve your needs, and to wrap ourselves around them, not the opposite. There should be no mystery in IT, no black box into which you are not allowed to peer for fear of your discovering what you are really paying for. It is a service, and a service that requires specific and deep expertise, and a service that must be done in a way that is focused on you and your business. We really mean it when we talk about HAPPY, PRODUCTIVE and SUPPORTED as the primary goals of our business as it relates to our clients.

Anyhow, not a big marketing message today. To get to the gist of this blog entry, at ISOutsource, we are thankful to our clients for the opportunity to serve them. We feel like partners in every business we support, and genuinely are motivated to help ensure your business is successful and your users are productive and feel supported. There is no greater calling than providing valuable services, and we are proud to provide those services, and we thank every one of our customers that has shown us their trust and enabled the growth of our business over the years. Being the biggest is an outcome, not a goal. We have endeavored to be the best, and by focusing on that goal, we have become the biggest. We fully intend to keep our focus on being the best, and ensuring that, like with that outlet, when you plug something in, it simply works without a lot of thought about it.

Thank you for letting us help you practice Happy Computing.
 -Richard Brunke

Staff Writer

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