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Network performance can make or break a business. A company with superior products and services could easily fall to the competition if they consistently experience network outages.

We rely on our networks for communication, accessing applications, interacting with consumers and more. This reliance is why IT outsourcing is becoming more common.

Downtime Costs Businesses

We realize that network downtime can't be prevented 100% of the time. For instance, a natural disaster could knock out power and telecommunications throughout a large area.

However, downtime from an unstable network is 100% preventable. While it might not seem like 15 minutes here or there is that bad, imagine how many customers get cut off during conversations or how much downtime businesses experience from employees sitting around unable to access email or cloud apps?

Downtime costs a business. Outsourcing improves network stability to drastically reduce these outages or slow performing periods.

Network Management Problems

For businesses with their own IT teams, network stability problems might not be an issue. Managing a network isn't easy. It requires constant scanning for performance problems. When IT gets busy handling daily issues, the network sometimes gets pushed to the side.

It's also common for IT staff to use the wrong tools and apps to manage their networks. We know it's impossible for a single IT person to be an expert at every IT issue. For businesses without someone who fully understands the network or businesses without IT staff, outsourcing improves network stability without having to hire someone new.

Better ROI

Smaller businesses don't always have the budget for an IT staff. However, they can't afford to experience network problems that limit their growth. By outsourcing, they get all the benefits of an IT administrator whenever they experience a network issue. It's cost-effective and allows businesses to enjoy optimal network performance.

From making recommendations on the network infrastructure to optimizing connections, outsourcing can boost performance and productivity. After all, employees work better when they have uninterrupted access to the apps they need.

Networks don't have to hinder business performance. Contact us to learn more about outsourcing network administration.

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