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If you have been working with Windows 8, use Outlook.com or have a Windows phone or Surface tablet, you might be familiar with a service from Microsoft called OneDrive.  It is a cloud application built into Windows 8 that allows you to store up to 7GB worth of documents or pictures and have them be accessible with any web browser or mobile device that has the OneDrive app installed (it is available for iOS, Android and Windows phone)  You can upload and share pictures, and all kinds of documents and folders with others or between devices.onedrive

The built in SkyDrive features allow you to open the app and choose files to upload - but wouldn't you like to just right click and add a whole folder to SkyDrive?  Or have the ability to right click a file and be able to "send to" SkyDrive, like you can do with email or a CD burner?

Jan Hannemann, an app developer has written a little app that adds that functionality into Windows.  Follow these links and download the app for your version of Windows (32bit or 64bit) and once installed, you will be able to right click files and folders right into OneDrive!

Here is a short tutorial on getting started with OneDrive: OneDrive Tutorial.

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