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Letting go of our IT gives many businesses the same stomach dropping feeling as standing on a high ledge.

Let's face it. We're obsessed with not letting go. Even when outsourcing could be more cost-effective, businesses hold tight to their trusted in-house IT departments. But it could be time to just let go.

Loss Of Control

Despite IT outsourcing spending rising to its highest point in five years, many businesses are still hesitant. Outsourcing in 2017 accounted for 11.9% of IT budgets. This shows that outsourcing is growing, but we're still not letting go of our IT in-house.

Loss of control is a major factor when it comes to deciding whether to outsource IT or not. We know that no one likes to feel like they're losing control, but when a company picks the right outsourcing partner, this isn't an issue.

Businesses can still have full control over all IT projects. It just requires working with a service that keeps the business fully in the loop at all times. In fact, businesses often retain more control this way.

Security Fears

We're one of the first ones to tell our clients that security is important. However, businesses often use security as a reason not to outsource IT. Instead of letting go of our IT to save money and keep systems more secure, we stick to what we know.

IT systems aren't more secure with in-house IT staff. An employee could just as easily steal data as outsourced staff. However, a reputable IT outsourcing provider stays more current on security best practices and could prevent more data breaches. We put security first for all of our clients.

Hidden Costs

Outsourcing is supposed to save money, but some providers tack on expensive hidden fees. As one entrepreneur discovered, fears over cost are easily alleviated through good communication and choosing the right outsourcing partner.

We keep every client updated and clearly communicate all costs up front. We can't imagine doing anything less. Be wary of any provider that isn't clear about the services or costs. Overall, businesses save money by not having to hire full-time staff, provide training and offer benefits. Hidden fees shouldn't even exist, let alone be a reason not to outsource.

The fear of letting of our IT shouldn't hinder business growth. Contact us today to alleviate outsourcing fears and discover the numerous benefits businesses miss out by not outsourcing.

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