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As our company grows and reaches new audiences, we occasionally find we have outgrown our website and feel the need to start again. In this case, it is not about brand, as our brand remains the same - we are here to ensure our customers are happy, productive and feel supported. That has been core to our business for years now and remains our brand promise, and central to how we run our business.

But the world of IT continues to grow and expand. Cloud is 'all intrusive' in the lexicon or IT and business for starters and it is critical to ensure everyone understands 'we do that'. More importantly, we wanted to make 100% clear that ISOutsource has a flexible approach to outsourcing that embraces both small business (often as a sole IT provider) all the way up to true mid size businesses with hundreds of employees who may really want to augment existing resources. We believe we are one of the few outsource providers that provides engagement methods for virtually any business that is serious about managing their technology in an intelligent and pro-active manner. Whether you have 4 employees or 400 we have offerings that will speak specifically to your needs, to your business. Flexibility is the key to our business, as is exceptional services done in a transparent way.

We earn tomorrows business from our customers through the service we provide today. That is important to us. Long term contracts have their place I suppose, but not in IT. You deserve the flexibility to work with a vendor who earns your business every day rather than once every 2 or 3 years. You deserve the opportunity to work with an IT firm that, while focused on being a provider of managed services, still understands that your investment levels in IT will ebb and flow as your business cycle changes, and you need to manage to that reality, rather than be forced to manage to the schedule of a fixed price, fixed service contract which limits your choices and ability to rapidly adjust to technology changes.

We understand budgets and work to them all the time. Time and materials is not open season on billing... if that were true we would not maintain clients very long. Time and materials is simply the most transparent model available to our customers to ensure that they have a chance to understand and validate the value of all of our actions taken on their behalf.

Anyhow, you can read through the site and see all of this, likely worded far more eloquently than I do here. The fact is, I am proud of the company that we have built with the support of our customers, and I feel like our new site helps show what that company can do and how it can help you. If you have ever wondered how an outsource provider may be able to help you, fill in a contact form and talk to us!

We look forward to adding you to our list of happy, productive and supported customers.

Because it is all about happy computing!
Richard Brunke - COO

Staff Writer

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