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A lot of talk these days surrounds Mobile Device Management, why you need it and how you can use it to help control your mobile workforce.  But did you know that if you work with a recent version of Exchange server, you have some portion of the control for mobile devices that sync to your email server built in to the service?

Starting with Exchange 2003, Active Sync policies have allowed you to force devices to use a password and in extreme cases even wipe the contents of the phone when an employee has been terminated or the device was lost or stolen.
Starting in Exchange 2007, this became a self-service as well where end users could log into their OWA interface and perform basic management tasks on their own mobile devices.

Starting with Exchange 2010, mobile device policy has gone even further, culminating with some pretty sophisticated policies that are available in Exchange version 2013.

Here are 2 links which speak to the available options that you have when creating and applying mobile policies in Exchange 2010 and 2013:



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