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We serve a lot of architects at ISOutsource. One thing that always amazes me is the desktops that they have to buy to be able to create and render their drawings on. Those things are like top of the line gaming machines, and they cost a fortune (as much as 4 to 5 times what you may be able to buy a mid level desktop for).

One of my consultants recently implemented VMware View for a few clients and WOW did we ever get a great response. I normally don't like to advertise for any particular solution, but this solution is a new twist on the old thin client concept, enabling businesses to use older, or less expensive machines coupled with cloud based infrastructure to complete heavy lifting computing tasks, and to do so QUICKER than they were on their top of the line machines!

What really struck me about this was the simple concept of how having the right IT partner advising you can be critical. This solution will enable many of our clients to save thousands of dollars per desktop and improve productivity. That is simply huge. The ROI on the consultation and the roll out is HUGE. It is the ability to have a large team with many pockets of knowledge that helps us make sure we see this stuff coming, and make it available to our clients. In fact, we are having a seminar on this internally in the next week so that the information can be available to every one of our consultants who is interested. That is what we mean on our site when we talk about smart, fast and vast. Smart people, fast response, and vast knowledge.

I'm not even going to attempt to describe the solution here. Take a look at the VMware site and look over this, or better yet, contact us and ask us to come talk to you about this solution (or any other solution of course) and how it may help you save money and improve productivity.

Cheaper and faster computing = happy computing!
-Richard Brunke

Staff Writer

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