Keeping Your Devices Secure

Part of keeping your device secure is making sure that if it is lost or stolen, other people cannot access your data. Both IOS and Android have built-in device encryption which renders the data on the device useless if the password is unknown.

  • To encrypt an iPhone or iPad (3GS or later):
  • Touch Settings, this should take you into the General settings area.
  • Touch the Turn Passcode On button
  • Type in your passcode (a 4 digit code) and repeat when prompted
  • Slide Siri to the off position when device is locked (otherwise Siri can bypass your locked device)
  • Slide Erase Data to the on postion (this will wipe your device if someone tries guessing your code over and over.
  • You will see at the bottom of the screen that “Data protection is enabled”

This method of encryption can be toggled on or off depending if you use a password or not – once enabled you’ll need to enter your passcode when you want to access these settings.

This is a good article which speaks to the security that is provided by enabling this feature on an iPhone or iPad: