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One of the easiest ways to keep a business competitive is with custom IT support. Technology is the backbone of most businesses. Without the right support, a business can’t be expected to compete on the same level as larger companies.

We know it’s not easy to know what solutions to pick, when to upgrade or even who to hire. We’re a company filled with IT experts who live and breathe tech. That’s why we know how to easily compare options, find issues with networks and even what qualifications are right for your technical hiring needs.

With custom IT support, businesses get the expertise they need. The business gets to focus on products, services and customer support. We get to focus on helping the technology powering the business run more smoothly.

Better Understand Systems

One of the biggest issues we see with many businesses is they don’t understand the systems they have in place. For instance, a business might use three different solutions for managing customer data. The only problem is they don’t realize how much more time it takes to transfer data back and forth between systems and how many mistakes are being made.

We’ve found a common theme is picking systems that cost the least or the ones with the most features. In one study, 62% of businesses choosing the cheapest HR software had to switch to something else in the middle of the rollout. Of course, employees won’t use software or systems that make it harder to perform a task.

Custom IT support helps prevent costly errors like this by helping businesses pick what’s actually best for them. Plus, the right support goes a step further in ensuring everyone knows how to make the most of the systems in place for optimal efficiency and productivity.

Only Pay For What’s Needed

All-in-one packages seem like a great idea when it comes to IT support, but we can honestly say that’s not the case. Every single business won’t need 24/7 support or on-site visits every week. Depending on what a business actually needs, IT support for them might just mean temporary assistance during a digital transformation or support for employees as a new technology is implemented.

For other businesses, a wider range of services might be necessary. So why pay for more than what is needed? Custom IT support allows businesses to stay competitive by saving money and only paying for the IT services they actually need. It also complements an in-house IT staff perfectly.

Aid In Cloud Migrations

Currently, 60% of businesses run at least part of their workload in public clouds. However, 73% of companies have a hybrid cloud strategy. Custom IT support gives businesses the support they need to stay competitive no matter what cloud strategy they adopt.

Implementing at least some cloud solutions is key to staying competitive. We couldn’t operate our business without cloud technologies. It allows us to work from anywhere, including from any client’s business. Not only does the cloud help reduce costs, but it also makes it easier to manage business systems.

We know that picking the right options and securing data might seem overwhelming. In fact, we talked about knowing who to trust when it comes to cloud computing in the past. However, the competition is likely reaping the benefits of cloud computing. Having custom IT support to guide a company through cloud migrations, security settings and even usage training is critical to making the transition successfully and staying competitive.

Save Valuable Time

When employees are constantly dealing with slow systems, errors keep occurring and IT staff have reached their breaking point, a business can come to a standstill. Custom IT support can be used to monitor networks for problems to prevent issues before they happen. Plus, the right support works alongside any in-house IT to give them more time to handle daily maintenance and management. By saving time for IT staff and other employees, businesses get more done in far less time.

Fill In Where Needed

No one IT person is going to be an expert on everything. We have a large staff of experts that are constantly learning to stay on top of changing technologies and trends. That’s why we can fill in where needed. Whether it’s a temporary project or a longer-term support need, we can help. For businesses without any IT staff, we can help fill in for some of the roles that are necessary for a business to stay competitive. Since businesses only pay for what they need, they save money on full-time salaries and benefits. When looking at New Horizon’s 7 IT Roles Every Modern Company Needs to Stay Competitive, those salaries quickly add up.

Businesses get the IT support they need without destroying their budgets. These savings get passed on to the customer, making them far more competitive.

Prevent Costly Mistakes

Of course, custom IT support can help prevent costly mistakes, including reputation damage. Through detailed security checks and system monitoring, businesses stay safer. Plus, proper support and training helps reduce general employee errors. It’s a win-win for the business and its customers.

Custom IT support is just a call away. Contact us today to discuss your unique IT needs.

Jason Dalton

Written by Jason Dalton

Highly Experienced IT Professional and General Manager at ISOutsource, Greater Phoenix Area