ISOutsource announces new telecom audit offering!

ISOutsource is excited to announce our new telecom audit offering. We have established a partnership with Trinity Network Solutions to offer all of our clients free telecom audits. The goal of the audit will be to determine if you can receive better pricing, or better service levels for the same pricing on all of your telecom needs. Whether you have contracts ready to expire or not, we have found that there may be significantly reduced costs available to you or significantly better service for the same costs, and of the customers we have already done telephony audits we have seen many receive significant savings (as much as 30% in some cases).

Again, this is a free offer as a value add to our customers.

You're primary consultant will be scheduling a meeting to do the audit over the next 6 months. This audit will give us the information we need to manage your telecom budget and options in partnership with you on an ongoing basis, and will result in immediate and long term recommendations specific to your circumstances. You will receive options for all major vendors, including the vendor you are currently using.

If you would like an audit sooner, then please contact and we will get you scheduled as soon as possible.

We have been working with Trinity for a number of years and have had 100% positive experiences when we have brought them into meet our customers. Based on this, and based on the savings and service they have helped us deliver, we decided to formalize our relationship and ensure that, as part of our managing your IT infrastructure, we offer this as an ongoing service to all or our customers.

Again, if you would like to meet someone right away, or have any questions about an audit, or the service, contact and we get you taken care of.

If you are not a customer of ISOutsource, we can make this service available to you also. Just send an email to the sales email address and let us know that you are not a customer but would like a telecom audit. Happy to do it!

Happy Computing!

 -Richard Brunke

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