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We have found one of the worst mistakes businesses can make when implementing technology solutions is to forget about the potential for scalability. What works this year may not work a few years from now.

The more budget-friendly solution sounds perfect, but businesses quickly discover the costs to expand make those solutions far more expensive. For instance, hyperconvergence increases scalability and it's a solution we like to suggest for businesses looking to grow.

Understanding Hyperconvergence Infrastructure

We realize hyperconvergence sounds far more complicated than it is, which may make businesses opt for simpler sounding solutions. However, it's actually a type of infrastructure that simplifies systems. It was born from converged systems, but the main difference is the storage, networking, compute and other components can't be separated.

All components are bundled together in a single hardware box that's managed by a vendor. Businesses manage their networks via software.

Increasing Scalability

We'd all love to simplify things in our lives, right? Hyperconvergence increases scalability by reducing the effort it takes to expand resources. In other types of infrastructure, a business would need to scale each component separately.

With a hyperconvergence infrastructure, all we would need to do is add another module to the system. It'd already contain all the components we need. In simple terms, we like to think of it as putting items in a storage building. We could use boxes that are all the same size and fit perfectly into the storage shelving. Or, we could store each item individually, making it difficult to store everything I needed.

This is how hyperconvergence works. It's much easier to scale because it's simply adding more boxes. This also makes it much easier to manage.

Custom-Made Commodity Hardware

Another way hyperconvergence increases scalability is through customization. I know some businesses work well with pre-made solutions. However, many businesses need a custom infrastructure. Hyperconvergence offers this by providing businesses with custom-made commodity hardware. This makes it a more affordable solution, especially for growing businesses.

We don't believe businesses should ever have to use hardware or software solutions they don't need just to take advantage of one component. Plus, this approach just makes it more difficult and expensive to scale.

By opting for a custom approach and getting just what the business needs, it's easier to scale when needed. This is why we enjoy the flexibility that comes with hyperconvergence infrastructures.

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