Social distancing and working from home are two of the recommended ways to stay safer during the novel coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has created a massive shift towards a remote workforce, but we’re quickly discovering that this quick shift is leaving many businesses scrambling for a solution.

We provide IT services in Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, and Spokane regions. A common issue we keep seeing is while large companies, such as Microsoft and Google, already have remote work policies in place, smaller businesses don’t. We’ve found businesses just aren’t prepared to handle all the security and IT support that comes with employees working from home.

That’s why we’re recommending a different approach to IT outsourcing in Seattle and our other service areas, not just during COVID-19, but anytime a business needs IT support they can count on and in a way that fits their budget.

What Makes Larger Companies Prepared

Major companies already have a large remote workforce. While many employees still come to offices, some of these businesses already allow workers to work from home certain days of the week for a more flexible schedule. This means they’ve already invested in cloud-based solutions, secure VPNs and have support in place to support these employees. They usually have IT outsourcing contracts in place and on-site IT staff.

With companies like Amazon and Google asking employees to work from home, we’ve seen an increase in the number of smaller businesses trying to stay afloat while still offering their employees a safer option too. With the CDC recommending businesses keep employees at home, it’s vital for smaller businesses, such as those with 100 employees or less, to offer a remote work option if possible.

Smaller Businesses Struggle

We fully understand the struggle that smaller businesses face, especially during COVID-19. IT outsourcing in Portland, Seattle and Phoenix isn’t always affordable or accessible. Budgets are tight. A long-term contract with all the bells and whistles is often the only option. This isn’t feasible, especially when smaller businesses don’t even have a cushion in place right now as the economy struggles.

However, we want small businesses to keep their doors open, even if it’s virtually through allowing employees to work from home. This doesn’t mean these businesses have to compromise on security, accessibility or IT support. It does mean they have to work with the right IT outsourcing and IT support provider.

IT Contracts Are Frustrating

Everyone knows contracts are a pain when it comes to services. Cable, satellite, and mobile phones tie people down and keep them from easily getting just what they need, when they need it. The same is true with IT contracts. Sure, we know this works well for certain businesses. However, we’ve yet to discover any two businesses that have the same IT needs.

We offer something different with it comes to IT outsourcing in Phoenix, Seattle, Portland and other cities in our service area. Instead of frustrating long-term IT contracts, we provide cost-effective and flexible IT solutions without lengthy contracts. Businesses get what they need without being tied down or destroying their already tight budgets.

Make Outsourcing Decisions Today

While we sincerely hope COVID-19 stops spreading soon, it’s important for businesses to start making their IT outsourcing decisions today. In hard hit areas, businesses are being forced to either shut down or work 100% remotely. Now is the time to do the homework and pick an IT outsourcing vendor that scales up and down based on business needs and fluctuations.

We know many businesses are searching for temporary help in setting up a remote work system quickly. They don’t want long contracts to deal with, especially if they don’t need quite as much support as the coronavirus subsides.

We give businesses options to get the perfect level of support. We also adjust those options at any time based on what our clients need.

Keep Businesses Going

This is a difficult time for small businesses throughout the country, but we want to do what we can to help our fellow small businesses in Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Bothell and Spokane continue running. We know it might not be business as usual, but businesses will still be able to function, keep employees working, and keep everyone safer.

We offer numerous ways to keep businesses running during these uncertain times:

  • Flexible services with no contracts or cancellation fees
  • Set up cloud-computing services for working from home
  • Aid in security for mobile devices connecting to business systems
  • Offer employee support and training, even remotely
  • Set up collaboration tools to make things feel more normal, such as using SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
  • Step in for full IT support if full-time IT staff can’t come in for any reason
  • Test business systems to prevent security breaches

We offered unbiased guidance to keep businesses running. We’re not providing support in order to upsell specific solutions or special support packages. This is support businesses can trust without any complicated fine print or contracts.

Security Fears Hurt Remote Workers

When employees are in the office, they feel safer. If they accidentally click the wrong thing, a business usually has security measures in place to prevent most infections and breaches. As we all know, this isn’t always a complete fail-safe, but employees know they won’t lose all their personal files if something goes wrong at work.

Now, employees are being told to work from home. The world is suddenly a much scarier place. Are their devices secure enough? What happens to their home network if something goes wrong?

What’s worse, cybercriminals are taking full advantage of COVID-19. People are scared and panicked right now. It’s a great time to be a hacker, but not so much for innocent employees and businesses. We aren’t really surprised that COVID-19 has led to an increase in phishing emails.

The bad thing is businesses are already targeted with phishing emails on a regular basis. As we all know, employees aren’t always cautious. If they get an email about the latest COVID-19 news or what looks to be an email from a manager or business owner that the employee needs to click a link to schedule a test because they might have been exposed, fear will make them click.

Now what? That’s where our Seattle IT support comes into play. We’ll help businesses quickly implement new security measures to protect employees at home and the business’s network and data. After all, it’s not just employees’ physical safety that’s on the line when they work from home. It’s also their digital safety.

We know the last thing a small business needs on top of all the coronavirus impacts is a major breach. We have the expertise to quickly develop a security plan specific to our client and their needs.

Don’t Fear Working From Home

If a business in the Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Spokane or Bothell area is afraid of everything involved in asking employees to work from home, they should call ISOutsource today at (800) 240-2821. We’re ready with a dedicated team to answer any questions and help develop efficient and secure solutions to keep businesses running as smoothly as possible throughout this pandemic.

We’ll even be here for businesses after COVID-19 is just an unpleasant memory. Whether businesses just need us for a few weeks or much longer, we’ll be here to help throughout this crisis. Contact us today to learn exactly how we can help you.

Jason Lathrop

Written by Jason Lathrop

Jason has a rare talent for technology enablement and optimization. He brings unique insight—based on nearly 20 years of experience in IT infrastructure support--into how technology enhances (or kills) business processes. For ISOutsource and for many of our 650+ clients, he has developed systems and processes that streamline operations, cut costs, and increase revenue. He works with key team members at all levels across the organization to ensure successful implementation, from discovery, evaluation, and planning, through rollout, testing, end-user training, vendor management, and ongoing support.