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Talking about your small business’ tech needs can feel like opening a can of worms. You go in with the good intentions of getting up to speed on the best practices for your computer systems, but end up with an overwhelming and never ending to-do list. Plus, if you don’t have a background in IT, most of it might not even make sense. So how do you know where to start?

When it comes down to it, every small business needs certain basic things when it comes to a computer system. Most of the solutions and tools you’ll find suggested to you can fall under one of these three categories.


The ability to connect to other computers and devices cannot be understated. It means being able to do your work no matter where you’re at. Beyond that, it allows you and your team to work seamlessly. No more trying to track down the right version of file in an email or asking your coworkers to sift through their intricate folder system to get you that TPS report. But how?

Your first step would be to adopt a cloud solution like Windows Azure, Office 365, VMWare or others. In our recent blog on current IT trends, we talked a bit about hybrid cloud solutions and the differences between the public and private cloud. Whichever solution you embrace will have a drastic impact on your company. Instead of just diving in head first, do your research and figure out what suits your needs. Better yet, outsource an IT professional to guide you through the process.


Stagnancy is the path to the darkside (well, along with fear, according to Yoda). You want to set up your business right for the future by embracing the latest technology, but even the latest and greatest can come with faults. If your systems aren’t equipped to upgrade and add more computers to the system as you go, you’re going to find yourself up a creek without a software patch. The tech world moves fast and it can be unreasonably expensive to have to constantly be ditching your systems because they’re outdated. Professional IT support will have the foresight to equip you with solutions that will last beyond the current season.


Your data is vital to your business. It’s even more vital that you protect it, especially if you’re hoarding sensitive client information. This means investing in sophisticated cybersecurity software. You can even take smaller measures, like having your employees adopt password managers for all their work accounts. One of the best first steps you can take is hiring a professional to audit your current systems and see how secure they currently are. Being able to reassure your clients that you’ve implemented intricate security services into your business gives you added prestige and a sense of reliability.

These core principles are crucial to your success and longevity. Need some help getting up to speed? No problem. ISOutsource gives you the essential support you need. Give us and call and let us help your small business excel with tech today.

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