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Much like an actual cloud, the cloud is hard to grasp. For those who don’t work with it regularly, It feels amorphous and indefinable. You’ve probably heard enough buzz to know that it’s something worth investing in for your business, but it’s hard to pull the trigger if you’re having trouble understanding exactly what it’s going to do for you. The scope of the cloud is massive, so let’s look at just a few features and how they alone can have a dramatic impact on your day-to-day operations and bottom line.

Safe Data Storage

This is a feature that most understand about the cloud – being able to host all your data. But it’s more than just an expensive, confusing thumb drive. When you’re working with large amounts of data, especially with clients and customers, you need to make sure everything is safe and organized. Hosting your data on a private cloud server does this for you. You can adjust the settings so only those who need it can access the information. No trying to search for that external hard drive or sifting through someone else’s computer trying to find that document.

Apps, Apps, Apps!

Enterprise apps are quickly moving over to the public cloud via Amazon Web Services and Azure, such as the renowned SAP environment. Just like there’s an “app for everything” on your phone, the cloud takes it further to having an app for, as Janet Jackson once said, “any time, any place” (including thunder and rain!). These apps are crucial in helping with data migration, deploying applications for your customers, managing your CRMs, etc. There are quite literally limitless possibilities.


The cloud isn’t just about what other people have built for it – it’s what you can build as well. If you have developers on site, the recent addition of cloud containers can be a game changer for them. Containers allow them to manage software code for their cloud apps, allowing for seamless collaboration as they work to make your business even more efficient.


Not only are these solutions massively beneficial to your business, they’re surprisingly cost effective as well. Instead of investing in bulky, expensive hardware that will get outdated and need to be replaced every few years, you can invest in something scalable like the cloud. You’ll lose the maintenance costs as well and even have more room in your office. You only have to pay for the features and functions you actually use as well, customizing your cloud experience only to what your business needs – these can be adjusted later on as well as your business grows.

Still mystified by the cloud? That’s okay. ISOutsource is here to help. Our team of experts have a firm understanding of this still emerging technology and can help you get the most out of it. It may be tempting to stick with what you have and what you know works, but you’ll also be missing out on a wealth of opportunities that can help make your business better, faster, and stronger. Reach out to us today and we’ll help you get there.

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