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The phrase “virtual tech support” alone may sound like science fiction to some. Having your tech support offsite can save you a lot of money and stresses for your business. But it also may raise some concerns as to best practices. How do you keep a consistent and successful tech support team when they’re not even in the same room as you? It’s easier than it may sound, but it does take a little bit of preplanning and setting parameters. Here are a few to consider as you work toward efficiency with your virtual tech support.

Goal Alignment

Before you get to work, you’ll want to be on the same page. Setting goals alongside your tech support team is one of the best ways to ensure they’re doing the work you need. A lot of this can be covered in an initial kick-off meeting, but should also be documented for accountability. Consider this like a mission statement; defining what you hope to accomplish and how both parties will work toward those goals.

Task and Process Clarity

Then you’ll want to get into the nitty gritty. Working together is like a partnership. With any good partnership, you’ll have clearly defined mechanisms for collaboration. Let your tech support team know exactly what they need to do and how you need it done. You may already have formal processes in place with your company, and that’s great. Just make sure they are communicated clearly to your virtual team. Everything from the business structure to file naming conventions is pertinent for seamless collaboration.

Clear Communication Strategies

One of the largest concerns with outsourcing virtually is how well you will communicate. This is something your virtual team will likely have some thoughts on. Instead of filling up your inboxes even more, chat clients like Slack and Microsoft Teams can facilitate immediate demands as they come up and keep you constantly in-touch. For longer term goals and projects, you may consider a project management tool like Basecamp. If your company is already using a platform like this or Yammer, it’s incredibly easy to bring them in as team members.

If you follow through with these planning ideas, you’ll find that a lot of your initial worries will be quelled. When executed correctly, you may even find that it feels like your virtual team is right in the office with you. Feeling ready to make the leap? ISOutsource has a wealth of experience assisting businesses remotely with our IT Help Desk. We know what works and how to keep your business and customers happy and functional.

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