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As the cloud computing industry continues to grow, we'll see some major new cloud computing trends throughout 2018.

For businesses utilizing the cloud, it's important to stay on top of the latest trends. We're always eager to see how the cloud's changing and how we can use that to keep a competitive edge.

Internet of Things Begins To Change

While we're used to hearing about IoT devices, cloud computing is expected to change IoT to IoE (Internet of Everything). Considering Gartner predicts we'll be using more than 20 billion IoT devices by 2020, this shouldn't come as a surprise.

A wider variety of interactions with devices and faster data processing from cloud servers means IoE should soon become the new norm. It's not just about a few devices anymore. We'll start connecting everything to the cloud.

Increased Storage To Meet Big Data Demands

We always have more data to store and one of the major cloud computing trends of 2018 is more storage. It might sound simple, but big data could easily go from helpful to detrimental if we don't have any place to store it. With the added data from IoT devices, we need even more storage.

To put things in perspective, 92% of everything we do will likely be in the cloud in a few years. The trend towards the cloud meeting those storage demands really ramps up in 2018. By 2020, we could see the average amount of data stored per year increase to 14.1 ZB versus just 3.9 ZB in 2015.

More Diverse Cloud Solutions

We don't just store data in the cloud, so why should we limit ourselves to cloud storage alone? In 2018, we'll see a much more diverse range of cloud solutions. We'll store data, run applications, create infrastructure and develop custom platforms. While the trend started a few years ago, 2018 will see massive growth and adoption of the cloud as more than a storage solution.

Enhanced Security

2017 has been one of the worst years on record for massive cyber-attacks. So, we shouldn't be surprised that one of the major cloud computing trends, as we head into 2018, is enhanced security. We'll see cloud providers embrace better encryption and malware detection. Businesses will also focus more on securing data on their end. We'll see cloud providers offering more security services to detect flaws before they turn into the next major breach.

Cloud Battles Escalate

Thanks to Microsoft, Amazon and Google, the cloud wars are just going to escalate as each company tries to outdo the other. We'll see major companies taking sides, such as IBM and Oracle, as they team up to offer better solutions to their customers.

The cloud is changing, but we're here to help businesses adapt to those changes. See how our cloud services help businesses stay more competitive.

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