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I was reading an interesting article that asked the question "Is Bad Tech Costing Your Company" and it really brought home the reality of 'old school' IT thinking and the importance of having the right technology, AS DEFINED BY YOUR EMPLOYEES! Millennial workers are leading the way in the BYOD charge, as they have had the best tech available through school and life and are not particularly interested in your 2 year old low spec laptop you are asking them to work on. Efficiency has been hard wired into them, and many companies will find that they are actually lagging behind in what they offer as it relates to productivity needs of their workers. New, large screen mobile devices, tablets, touch enabled laptops... these are all things that many workers have available at home, and come to work to find out that they are handicapped by poor technology.

It is an interesting problem, and one that won't wait. As the article states, 38% of all workers will be working on BYOD devices by 2016. Those clunky old laptops and old small screen mobile phones may not be worth re-purposing another year... Don't step over dollars to pick up dimes when it comes to employee productivity, and don't let old habits lock you into poorly thought out technology investments!

Otherwise, it's fairly certain your team won't be experiencing Happy Computing!
Richard Brunke

Staff Writer

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