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Keeping clients happy is critical to the success of any business. We personally focus on providing the best customer support possible. After all, if our clients are happy, they’ll continue partnering with us and even recommending us to others.

While it’s easy to get wrapped up in product and service quality, there’s one area where we’ve seen businesses come up short – ample IT support. Excellent IT support doesn’t just affect the immediate inner workings of a company. Instead, it affects everything, including customer service.

With so much a business depending on technology working correctly, it only makes sense that this area needs support. That’s why we want to show organizations the seven ways IT support helps to keep clients happy.

  1. Keep Data Secure

No client enjoys having their data stolen. While clients are more understanding when it comes to zero-day attacks, they’re not so forgiving when it comes to preventable hacks and breaches. For instance, leaving a sensitive database secured with a default password or no security at all.

On average, a breach can cost a business up to $8.19 million. Obviously, this all depends on the size of the company and the breach. However, it’s much more cost-effective to prevent issues before they happen. Plus, businesses offer clients peace of mind when it comes to storing and maintaining sensitive data.

  1. Pass On Cost Savings

While some businesses do have insurance to cover costly breaches, there are still massive losses as clients leave. To stay afloat, we’ve seen businesses increase prices. This also happens as businesses try to recoup losses if they don’t have insurance.

The fewer incidents, the more money a company saves. Outsourcing IT support also helps make clients happy by reducing in-house IT costs. All of this is extra money that can go to reducing client costs, leading to an increase in clients.

  1. Reduce Technical Difficulties

Sadly, there isn’t some magic formula for completely eliminating downtime. Even we have occasional moments of downtime due to unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters. However, many instances of downtime are preventable.

When a business’s systems are down, clients aren’t happy. They can’t get support, place orders, access information and anything else they might need. While the monetary costs are staggering at $100,000 or more per hour of downtime for many businesses, there are also costs to the client and the business’s reputation. Just look at how stocks crash after a company announce a breach.

In some cases, the end result is tragic, such as a deadly crash involving a self-driving Uber. Perhaps with better IT support, Uber could have caught the flaw before the worst happened.

  1. Faster Overall Support

We love when everything comes together to make a company’s systems run like a brand new device. Keep clients happy by ensuring those systems run like that all the time. Instead of hiccups when clients need support, employees are able to easily access data quickly. Instead of waiting forever on hold, clients get what they need in minutes. That kind of support goes a long way towards building loyal customers.

  1. Fewer Human Errors

We’re not going to ever tell a business that we can prevent all human error. However, we do provide training and IT support services to ensure employees know how to use the tools at their disposal. Numerous mistakes come from employees just not understanding how systems work. Outsourcing IT training and support helps to prevent many costly errors and provides better support and service for clients.

  1. Stay Compatible With Clients

Outdated systems might be familiar and comfortable, but are they what’s best for the business and its clients? For instance, Microsoft is ending support for quite a few popular products as of January 2020. Continuing the use them could not only put a business at risk of malware and ransomware, but also reduce compatibility with clients using newer software.


When it comes to collaborating with clients, businesses must have compatible tools. While businesses can have backward compatible options, having the latest systems in place offers clients the best possible experience.

  1. More Time For Improving Products And Services

Even though this one might not sound IT related, clients ultimately want the best products and services and better IT support gives them that. How? When IT teams aren’t running around putting out major fires, they have more time to focus on the daily support that keeps systems running smoothly. This also makes it easier for employees to do their jobs – improving products and providing better client support.

A great way to do this is to outsource IT. While businesses can have a small team on hand for certain tasks, outsourcing provides 24/7 support, training, vulnerability assessments, help with upgrades and migrations, help with hiring new IT staff and more.

We want your clients to be as happy as we make our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Matt Simmons

Written by Matt Simmons

Matt Simmons, General Manager of the Inland Northwest Region of ISOutsource, brings 20+ years of experience and a reputation of top-notch consulting. Putting the client first and driving solutions, Matt has thrived in the compliance arena.