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Email security issues plague every single business. Why? Because it's an easy point of failure for scammers and hackers to exploit.

We've experienced our fair share of email problems throughout the years. We've also helped businesses clean up the mess after a problem while helping them better secure their email.

1. Sending Confidential Data

If emails aren't encrypted, sending confidential data is like telling hackers "please, come steal our information." We don't want that to happen to any business, but it happens all too often. Have a clear policy about what should and shouldn't be sent over email and ensure any confidential data is encrypted.

2. Malware

We see businesses scrambling to recover after malware attacks all the time. Malware sneaks in and wreaks havoc before anyone realizes anything's wrong. Where does malware love to hide? Emails. Why? It's easy to make an email seem legitimate, such as sending a malicious attachment but making it seem as if it came from a co-worker.

Unless employees check the sender address or double-check with the co-worker to ensure the email is from them, they open the malware infected attachment and the damage is done. With over 600 million forms of malware and 1 in 131 emails being infected, it's likely one of the biggest threats. We recommend training employees on email security issues and how to avoid them. Plus, having strong anti-malware and firewall protection in places helps too.

3. Phishing

Outside of malware, phishing scams are one of the biggest email security threats. We've seen numerous employees who handed over their credentials to hackers, who then used those credentials to compromise a business's network. It's all too easy to click on a link in an email to go to an account. The only problem is those links are often phishing scams looking for user data.

4. Stolen Devices

We realize this might not sound like an email security problem, but when a smartphone or tablet is stolen, thieves simply tap to view all emails. If the device isn't secured with a passcode or biometric security, it takes seconds for thieves to compromise a business. We recommend securing devices and being able to remotely wipe them quickly.

5. Weak Passwords

No matter how strong a business's network is, a weak email password still poses a threat. We always advise businesses to use strong passwords for everything, but often, those passwords aren't easy to remember. Implementing stronger password policies and even adding two-factor authentication can help.

Email security issues aren't disappearing anytime soon. Find out how our support services help with your security problems.

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