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ISOutsource Announces Applicant Tracking and Human Resource Information Systems Consulting Services

ISOutsource Announces Applicant Tracking and Human Resource Information Systems Consulting Services.

When HR staff members are empowered with innovative technology solutions, the results are better hires and increased employee satisfaction.


Bothell, WA, October 16, 2018— ISOutsource, the premier provider of outsourced information services to small and medium sized businesses across the West, today announced two new offerings: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) consulting services.

Applicant Tracking Systems leverage technology to automate the hiring process. This leads to faster and more effective hires. Human Resources Information Services enable HR departments to maintain compliance, plan events, track paid time off, and more, without maintaining rooms full of paper filing cabinets.

“These services were born from necessity and tested in the real world,” explained ISOutsource COO, Brian East. “ISOutsource has been in steady growth mode for years. Every market in which we operate—from Phoenix to Portland, Seattle to Spokane—is experiencing historically low unemployment. The talent that we seek is in high demand and short supply. We noticed that Fortune 500 corporations were starting to lock up the top talent in each region before we could even get our offer on the table. Employing the ‘B team’ is not a viable long-term strategy. We had to find a way to crush our larger, better funded competitors in the local job market. Efficient Applicant Tracking Systems have reduced our hiring timeline from weeks to days. The faster we can come to a consensus on a qualified candidate, the better our odds are of hiring them before our competitors do!”


Applicant Tracking Systems enable businesses to efficiently:

  • Upload job listings
  • Manage all candidate information and communications
  • Gather all interview details in a single place
  • Automate the hiring process
  • Expedite and enhance the overall recruiting process
  • Combine big data insights into actionable hiring data
  • Keeping the entire hiring team on the same page

“Once an offer is made,” East continued, “our goal is a quick ramp. We need happy and productive employees. We can’t waste their time with inefficient processes.”

Human Resources Information Systems save employees’ and HR staff members’ time spent on:

  • Onboarding
  • Employee management
  • Tracking/reconciling PTO and vacation calendars
  • Managing benefits
  • Managing compliance and legal issues
  • Recruiting
  • Managing time cards
  • Career development/training

In beta release, these services have been an overwhelming success. One ISOutsource client wrote: “Not only are the tools easy to use, but the support team is excellent as well. HR loves it. Our employees love it and the integration is easy and intuitive.”

This initial success in beta led ISOutsource to establish a new Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Resources Information Systems consultancy practice.

Curious to learn more about what ATS and HRIS can do for your organization? Would you like to shorten the hiring process from weeks to days? Are you ready to ditch paper filing cabinets full of personnel files? Would your business benefit from more-engaged employees and less time spent on administrivia? Contact ISOutsource to learn more.

ISOutsource is the West’s premier provider of outsourced information services: IT support and technology consulting. With offices in Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Spokane, and Bothell, WA (corporate headquarters) the company employs nearly 90 people with the shared goal of ensuring that clients feel happy, productive, and supported in their use of technology.


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